Jae’s Challenge Day 1: Cooper’s Room

By: KJ

Oct 06 2008

Category: self-portrait


Focal Length:11.614000320435mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS

My friend Jae, who is also participating in the 365 photo challenge, has issued a side-challenge of sorts. The deal is to take a picture of myself every day for 5 days in 5 different locations.


7 comments on “Jae’s Challenge Day 1: Cooper’s Room”

  1. Aren’t you cute!

  2. You can rock the hat like no other!

    I like his rug! Ikea?

  3. It looks like you got into a Little People motorcycle accident!

  4. Holy hot mom! I love that hat too!

  5. You all are too kind! I hate to admit it, but I’m sporting a baseball hat because I didn’t shower! LOL~ Yep, Kate..totally Ikea!

  6. I don’t think I know anyone who looks good in a hat the way you do. You are gorgeous, even without a shower! MMM extra musty RAWR! LOL jk!!!

  7. I like the framing and movement of this picture. It forces you to look around, and then stop at your eye. 😉

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