Jae’s Challenge Day 2 – Leaving the Gym

By: KJ

Oct 07 2008

Category: self-portrait


Focal Length:6.1999998092651mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS


8 comments on “Jae’s Challenge Day 2 – Leaving the Gym”

  1. Buddha is seriously cracking up in the background there. Is he laughing at Mommy trying to take a picture or something else?

  2. Alicia, that’s a combo of him laughing because I thought I’d lost my camera and I was freaking out…AND..him shoveling Goldfish crackers into his mouth. Yeah…that combo isn’t a choking hazard!!

  3. Wow! You look better leaving from the gym than I do arriving at the gym! That hardly seems fair. BTW, Buddha is cracking me up! I can’t look at the picture without laughing!

  4. Look at that post workout glow! And do you wear lipstick to the gym???

  5. Oh God no! Okay, Jess..first of all, I showered and got ready at the gym. Believe me, I don’t look like this when I go TO the gym! And Kate…no way! They’re lucky if I have a little carmex on…I look crazy at the gym. Absolutely NO makeup, believe me.

  6. Haha! I love it, buddha is hilarious! Great shot 🙂

  7. Such glee from you both!

  8. Dude, it is not fair that you would look that hawt after sweatin’ to the oldies! I kind of hate you now. Just a little.

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