Sliver of Moon

By: KJ

Oct 07 2008

Category: photography


Focal Length:18.60000038147mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS


5 comments on “Sliver of Moon”

  1. So pretty! When did you take this? Is this dusk or night and you just altered the color? Tell me tell me tell me!

    BTW, call me crazy, but I swear I can almost make out a profile of a face on that moon.

  2. This was taken at dusk, and then I altered the coloring slightly. It was taken on the street in front of our house as I was walking the dog last night. 🙂 I wish I had something far more romantic to say about when and where I took it, but there ya have it.

  3. I like the slight sepia effect. And, yeah, Cathy is crazy…

  4. Very cool. It almost looks like it’s taken through a filter.

  5. It’s a really beautiful picture! Everything looks so silver-ish!

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