2009 Already!?

By: KJ

Jan 20 2009

Category: photography

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Yikes.  Right now I’d like to list a bunch of excuses for why I have not been posting photos like I should, but I don’t have any good ones.  Instead, I’ll just get right back into it.  I have found a wonderful new blog where you can enter pictures weekly to be judged by other photographers…a new contest begins each week.   It’s called “I heart Faces” and, you guessed it…the photos have to be of faces.  Some weeks have themes and some do not.  This week’s theme is “anything goes”.  Check them out here and enter some of your own.  Plus, it’s just fun to look through all of the entries.  I’ve always been drawn to photos of people and expressions, so I just love it.

I entered one for the kids group and one of the adult group myself, but posted them on my other blog here.  See, just goes to show you how neglectful I’ve been.  I have a photo blog, and yet I don’t think to use it. 

If you decide to enter one, let me know!

As for me, 2009 will hopefully find me posting things more regularly here, and continuing to enjoy everyone else’s work while I learn more about this whole photography thing myself. 

Here’s to a new start….


One comment on “2009 Already!?”

  1. Hey, where the heck have you been? I got an idea, check out my blog’s first “assignment” and maybe it’ll get you back into the swing of things. 🙂

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