Day 10 – Something I Made

By: KJ

Sep 19 2011

Category: photography


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS


4 comments on “Day 10 – Something I Made”

  1. I like it. Are you using it as a mala or rosary? Or both? I only ask b/c I know there are modified rosaries that kinda look like that.

  2. When I made them I made them as prayer beads. Not a rosary though..I’m Lutheran. Hahaha! There is symbolism behind the #s of beads, etc. That said, I since have purchased the most beautiful mala known to man, as you may remember, and even had them blessed by a Tibetan nun. Cooper has seen me using my mala, and asked to have one, so this wooden version is now his. He keeps it in his “prized possessions” box.

  3. I totally thought rosaries were a Christian thing b/c I’m a dumbass. Duh! Catholics are the only ones that pray to Mary. How many years did I go to Catechism class?

    I remember the mala story. I think it’s wonderful that Coops keeps it there. How very special. I have a very plain wooden mala I sometimes wear (necklace). It’s simplicity really seems to attract attention; people are always asking me about it whenever I wear it.

  4. That’s so sweet that Cooper treasures it.

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